Age-Tech Platform, Helppy Aims To Make Elderly Care More Accessible With Funding Of €3M

May 17, 2022 | 2 minutes read

Helsinki-based Age-tech platform Helppy is transforming the landscape of healthcare with its neighborhood care model. 

Age-tech is not something new, but it is surely a niche which still has to grab speed in terms of adoption of technology. However,  the startup Helppy is here to transform the landscape with seed investment of €3M from Alliance Venture.

The reason the startup has picked this enormous funding is its tech empowered platform. But another major cause of funding is the underlying potential of the Longevity economy. And Age-Tech is emerging as a preferred way to explain the intersection between the longevity and technology. As per a recent World Health Organization report, one in six people will be aged 60 or older by 2030. Whilst, the number of people aged 80 years or older is expected to reach 426 million by 2050.

Moreover, the tech giants witnessing the potential of this industry have started tapping into it with their healthcare apps and software. Such as Amazon, the company has officially launched Alexa Together and Google which in the start  ongoing year released Nest Hub.

Consider this or not but the inculcation of tech is making the elderly care, which is  highly personal form of care provision easy and accessible. And startups like Helppy with their aim to revolutionize the sector is based around the neighborhood  care model. The concept actually permits personal care with full transparency and higher productivity in comparison to the traditional route-based shift worker model.

Age-tech platform Helppy
 Helppy Team. Image Credits: Medium

As proof of its concept, the bootstrapped startup now has support from other investors too.  Like , Johannes Schildt, the Co-Founder and CEO of Kry/Livi and Elias Aalto, the Co-Founder of Wolt. With this fresh injection of funds the startup is eyeing the expansion of its neighborhood care model throughout Europe.

The per se model is actually empowered by tech and is a new alternative to elderly home care.  In short, allowing efficient healthcare. Furthermore, it lets the senior to be visited by familiar helpers.

The startup has seen expedited expansion. As  founded in 2018 by Richard Nordström, the platform has attracted over 5000 nurses and personal assistants to sign up on the platform. Talking about the platform Nordstrom said:

-We’re building the next-generation model of home care. With our model, you will get named ‘helppers’ or nurses, know who visits, know their backgrounds, get visit notes and be able to communicate with them. Using tech to make it personal and trustworthy – at the same price or lower than home care in general.” –