AI-driven smart marketing to boost travel bookings and sales.

Project Overview

Travlytix is a GDPR compliant, automated “smart-marketing” tool for airlines, travel companies and eCommerce stores that aim to increase bookings and ancillary sales. It identifies potential travellers and directs them towards the bottom of the sales funnel via AI-powered digital marketing.

The product offers flexible marketing for travel and eCommerce companies, whose customer journey is rarely linear. It helps with customer retention and reduces cart abandonment rates.

The problem

  • Generic marketing campaigns for travellers that do not contain user context, trip background and other relevant information have become excruciatingly dull.
  • Conventional marketing tactics are unable to understand customer pain points as they lack thorough processing & interpretation of customer data, audience research and reviews. Hence, there exists a strong need for smart marketing that caters to all of this.
  • The traditional methods of setting up numerous siloed systems to target every traveller have become stale.

The Solution

InvoZone designed Travlytix by devising a three-pronged strategy: Ingest, Process, and Store.

  • Ingest Data

    Travlytix identifies useful data coming in the form of documents, social media, clickstream logs, and others. The GDPR-compliant product ensures the security and privacy of all data collected. During the ingestion process, Travlytix detects relevant travel eCommerce schema, filters duplicate data and conducts statistical profiling of this refined data.

  • Process Structured Data

    Here, the data is organized into patterns and classifications. The data is tracked with users in real-time for a deeper understanding of customer behaviour. Non-essential and broken data is either fixed, replaced or removed, creating a useful data source.

  • Store Data & Launch

    The ‘clean’ data are stored in a high-security vault, which is used by Travlytix APIs and algorithms for automation and customer analysis. With this GDPR-compliant tool, businesses can identify segments and target customers through smart marketing. With Travlytix, you can launch laser-targeted marketing campaigns.

Product Features

Automated Marketing

Every audience engagement has the potential of turning into a customer; Travlytix achieves this by automating customer outreach. It identifies the level of marketing a user needs by finding customers’ intent in real-time and then engaging them on their preferred platforms. This is marketing automation, a product of reliable data.

Machine Learning

Data-driven decisions are complex. Here, Data Science is the key to gaining useful insight into customers. Guesswork has finally been put to rest as intelligent data backs every marketing decision.

Customer 360

Travlytix builds a ‘360-degree’ version of customers; It gives you precise insights on customers. This additional but useful information helps you upsell and cross-sell. With identity resolution, you can deduplicate and associate all data into identifiable insights. Finally, it connects all data sources for a unified data stream - no more fragmented data.

Precise Reporting

With our intuitive dashboard, you can analyze data in seconds. This gives you detailed analytics from marketing campaigns, customer facing front-ends and other sources such as search and booking reports, top trends, and custom reports.

Project Results

GDPR-compliant Travlytix tool improves customer acquisition by using data-engineering. Through the use of tailor-fit ads for customers, it enhances ancillary sales, as well as raises customer loyalty through retention. The intelligent orchestration of the customer journey improves relationship management, conversion rate and decreases cart abandonment.

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