Kamoota is a unique payment integration platform that brings together 500+ payment services for businesses under one roof. It aims to increase selling by making payments convenient for customers. Businesses can receive payments through hundreds of gateways and attract a larger customer base. Kamoota makes setting up internet business easier.


Fintech Application

Super Charging Payments and Amplifying Customers Reach

A prevalent reason for cart abandonment is the lack of payment methods. Kamoota solves this in three ways: direct API integration, personalized payment page, and payment links. Its highly scalable backend allows lifting large customer bases even during peak hours

Kamoota offers payment page integration so businesses can keep their backend coding clean and organized. Businesses can add their eCommerce environment to the payment page so customers won’t notice redirecting to a different website. Credit card processing for small businesses will be a breeze as Kamoota offers safe and reliable solutions.

Businesses without websites can also benefit from using Kamoota, which offers an easy pay merchant account facility. The payment service does not need a website to serve businesses and their customers. Kamoota generates a payment link that businesses can forward to customers to receive payments. This link is compatible with any messaging platform such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and even short messaging.

A Scalable Payment Integration Solution

InvoZone offers Kamoota, a platform connecting over 500+ payment gateways. Since 2010, it has helped clients implement maximum payment options on their eCommerce business platforms with a single goal of making payments convenient and transparent.


Our Approach

One Integration to Rule Them All

InvoZone provided full software development services to Kamoota for building a platform that helps small businesses to accept credit card payments online for free. It offers hundreds of payment options.

End Product

Kamoota is an all-in-one solution. Instead of integrating numerous APIs of payment solution companies, integrating just Kamoota’s API opens the door to several hundred payment options. It is a highly scalable solution, built while considering the high traffic of a typical eCommerce website. Hence, processing credit card payments online is not a hassle anymore.

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