Why Mobile-Friendly Websites Should Be A Focus In 2020?

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Why Mobile-Friendly Websites Should Be A Focus In 2020?

Why Mobile-Friendly Websites Should Be A Focus In 2020?

If you are a business owner with a website and an online presence then chances are that you have already heard about this: Mobile-friendly websites are a growing trend and all online businesses should work to build this feature. There is a good chance that someone who is handling your website and its content has already talked to you about this as well. However, some are still waiting to switch; wondering if a mobile-friendly view is important for their business or not.

Here, we are going to talk about it!

General Increase in Mobile Internet Usage

Ever since the invention of smartphones, the internet has now become far more accessible than it was about a decade ago. Most big companies don’t even need to advertise their products on television commercials. A simple campaign on YouTube and social media is enough to get them going and generate traffic. This is because the number of mobile internet users officially surpassed desktop internet users way back in 2016. Now, trends suggest that up to 55 per cent of all internet users prefer a mobile device. With desktop users limited to 45%, is it feasible for you to let go of significantly major potential for marketing?

Google Prefers Mobile-Friendly Websites

When talking about user statistics and mobile-friendliness, let’s not forget who makes this possible for us: Google. Out of the many factors that Google uses in deciding a website ranking, one is mobile usability. It is the third most important factor and Google makes sure to give its due importance as well. In November 2016, Google announced that it would use crawlers for mobile-friendly websites before desktop websites. Moreover, it is going to consider the ranking taken from mobile users to determine how a website ranks overall. In short, if Google bots find your website hostile towards mobile users or if it loads slowly for them then you will lose ranking.

Mobile-Friendliness Is Trending

Apart from the technical reasons, others are produced after analysing user feedback. People take notice of the website with a great experience. In this age of technology where a handheld device can offer so much, people generally prefer visiting websites through phones and tablets. An incredibly responsive website is a mobile-friendly website. It is the one which automatically sets up its display according to the users’ device screen size. This means that the display of your website will vary depending on where the website is accessed, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet device. If your website is not responsive, then visitors are not getting the experience you wanted to have them. This will affect negatively on your brand reputation.

The UI and UX of your website matter a lot especially if you are in a B2C business. All visitors on your website are potential visitors and most will talk about how you display things for them. If your website is such that a mobile-friendly version is not possible then consider building a separate application. This may sound like a tough job, especially considering how you may need to set aside considerable resources for this. However, it certainly helps out in the long run. Amazon realized that their website was difficult to shift towards smaller screens. Therefore, they launched their applications which we all use today.

To check if your websites are mobile-friendly or not, you can take help from Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Using crawlers it will scan your website and display an accurate result. Building such a version should not be an issue for any business. There are several options available that can help businesses turn their websites to mobile-friendly versions. With InvoZone, you can start right away!





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