Software Applications | Why Food Franchises Should Get Them?

In this blog, you’ll find out the importance of software applications for food franchises

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Software Applications | Why Food Franchises Should Get Them?

The franchising industry has become quite popular lately. According to stats, there were around 770,000 franchises just in the U.S, adding a total economic output of about US$ 787 billion (2019). While a major portion of this is from international and fast-food chains, there are other smaller ones as well, with a great potential to grow just like the bigger fishes. What most of them have in common is their usage of software applications. Since they are a crucial part of any business, we recommend that every franchise should start making use of software apps, especially franchise compliance software. Why? Let’s explore the reasons.

In this blog, you’ll find out the importance of software applications for food franchises. For food franchises, brand value and awareness matter a lot alongside the obvious relationship of franchisee and franchisor. The business model of this system benefits both parties, but sometimes it can become challenging. For example, managing productivity issues such as routine tasks, communicative challenges, employee training, and hiring schedule. Moreover, there should also be an analysis of what customers want and need. Let’s begin by discussing each briefly.

Software Applications Can Manage Routine Tasks

Growing to become one of the big teams means that looking after several processes regarding the supply chain. Keeping track of daily business can make you lose your time and decrease your business efficiency. In the supply chain, those who accomplish their tasks every day are among the top companies and most of them go about using franchise software applications. Franchise management software applications and similar supply chain apps can enable franchise owners to be at peace as they divide tasks, prioritize them and let the owners worry about the core business needs.

Hiring & Training of Employees with Franchise Compliance Software

In the food industry, especially the consumer-end of sales, employees are the face of the company. Not only do they deal with food but they also take care of customers. As a result, their behavior is directly connected to the reputation of the franchise brand. This is why special care is given to the hiring and training of employees, providing them with educational videos, training guides, and tests. Since generally franchise stores are located in different areas, everyone must receive consistent information about employee ethics and behavioral guides. For this, the Learning Management System (LMS) software applications are fit for such roles for any sort of food franchise business.

Next, when hiring is required, special job boards are available that play a wonderful part in optimizing the recruitment process. Posting job vacancies become easier and it can also allow you to add email alert features, job filters, targeted advertising, and much more.

Discover What Customers Want


At the end of the day, all food companies are aiming for are customer satisfaction and happiness. Unfortunately, this is not possible if you do not understand your customers, their requirements, and their needs. That is why customer relationship management (CRM) software is important. Perhaps consider using software applications that analyze customers and use big data technology. The result will give you an encyclopedia-worth of information that you can use for your business. CRMs not only automate several processes but also assign specialists to take over certain situations, for example, take orders and deliver them. It observes business performance through sales and sets key reminders that help improve the franchising game.

What Does This Mean For Franchise Compliance Software Applications?

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Conclusively, the franchise business for the food sector holds a great deal of potential, especially with the use of software applications. When we talk about large international companies like KFC, McDonald’s, and Subway, their software applications not only help with sales and bring customers. In fact, they also provide a track of customer trends; people’s interested in different meals throughout the year.

I would like to add that the popularity of a franchise using software applications is only as good as the quality of the apps themselves. Companies should carefully consider the software developing partners for their franchise software systems. At InvoZone, our experience building applications for food and grocery enable us to provide companies with high-quality applications best-fitted for their needs.