DevSecOps Solution: Five Reasons Why You Need It

Curious why tech giants are adopting DevSecOps?

This article will introduce you to DevSecOps and its benefits to software development companies.

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DevSecOps Solution: Five Reasons Why You Need It

DevSecOps is one of the latest trends in technology and cybersecurity. You might have heard about it but did not exactly know what it is and why it is needed. This article will answer these questions. DevSecOps solution is an extended version of DevOps. DevOps is a short form of development and operations. It is a set of tools and practices that combine software development with IT operations. Many tech giants have adopted DevOps because it promises swift development and deployment of software through a continuous process.

Many software development firms have already adopted the DevOps model by either developing their own DevOps team or outsourcing to professional DevOps service providers. Theserefore, DevSecOps solution works on the same principles as DevOps with an additional factor in the loop: security. Security is a significant factor to determine the success of software applications. The main goal of DevSecOps is to enhance the quality of the product and speed of delivery. How DevSecOps solution helps to achieve this goal? Let’s have a detailed look into DevSecOps and explore its benefits.

What is DevSecOps Solution?

DevSecOps is an adaptation of the DevOps model. Here, one crucial aspect is added – Sec that represents security! Hence, the DevSecOps solution is a model that integrates security practices into each phase of DevOps. It requires dedicated DevSecOps engineers, tools, and technologies. It demands that security should not be considered in the end. Security should be kept in the loop starting from the development phase until the software release. This means that along with the development and operations team, another team gets in the loop – the security team.

DevSecOps solution ensures the liaison between all of these teams, giving secure software to the customers. The security teams ensure that the development of the software is following secure coding methodologies, and the product is deployed without any vulnerability. In other words, the DevSecOps solution requires continuous and flexible coordination between development teams, security teams, and operation teams. This added layer does make the process more complex, however, the benefits of DevSecOps services cannot be undermined. Let’s have a look at the benefits of DevSecOps:

Swift and Secure Software Development

Five Reasons Why You Need It
Image Source: Markus Spiske, Pixabay

A software vulnerability is a prime reason behind cyber attacks. Threat actors exploit software vulnerabilities to breach software systems and get access to the data. DevSecOps engineers make sure that these vulnerabilities are caught before the software release. Implementation of DevSecOps saves a lot of time, reducing costs by avoiding lengthy procedures in the end. Integrating security teams in the agile process of DevOps is an excellent idea to deliver secure software products swiftly. DevSecOps model identifies and fixes security issues during each iteration of software product development. 

A Positive Rise in Reputation

If security testers find software vulnerabilities after software release, consumer data becomes vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Attackers get access to confidential data of users. This leads to angry customers and reputation loss. Putting consumer data at stake is also against the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To ensure GDPR compliance, software companies must integrate security in their DevOps solutions. Keeping security in the process of software development and deployment from the start can significantly reduce the impact of cyber threats and increase brand reputation. 

Higher Profits

Higher Profits
Image Source: Nattanan Kanchanaprat, Pixabay

Time is money. Isolating security teams in the software development process may delay the projects. By integrating security in the agile mechanism of DevOps you can release secure applications on time, giving you an advantage over competitors. Furthermore, as your reputation improves, you will get a better Return On Investment (ROI) on your projects.

Better Communication Between the Teams

DevSecOps facilitate better communication and understanding between different teams. If development teams work in isolation with the security testing team, many communication issues arise, delaying the software release process. Therefore, the human factor in software development is very crucial – effective communication can reduce the delay, and improve the quality of the product. Enhanced communication also increases adaptability and flexibility in different teams. 

Enhanced Automation

DevSecOps automation demands automation of security testing mechanisms. This induces agility in vulnerability detection and secure software development. Security engineers avoid manual efforts by using automated testing mechanisms, reducing the effort of the operations team in detecting software vulnerabilities in the end. 

DevSecOps helps software companies a great deal. It promises a better reputation and ROI. It is time now that software companies adopt DevSecOps solutions. Some organizations provide dedicated DevSecOps services and DevSecOps consulting services to software companies. Do you want to adopt DevSecOps and do not know where to start? Simply reach out to a DevSecOps service providing company and polish your product delivery game!



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