Agile Office Design Promotes Creativity And Lifts Workplace Mood

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Agile Office Design Promotes Creativity And Lifts Workplace Mood

Agile Office Design Promotes Creativity And Lifts Workplace Mood

Today, offices and workplaces are changing the way they look and how they work, thanks to modern methods. These methods not only increase the efficiency of a workforce but also promote a certain necessary bond with its employees. How a business sets up its physical environment directly reflects its company structure, and how it tends to achieve its company values and goals. A properly designed and thought-out interior and exterior of an office greatly affects the overall mood of its employees and work staff. This is what agile office design is, and what we, at InvoZone believe in as well.

As much as an agile office design is necessary for general mood-lifting and creativity, we mostly see only tech and software companies following this. The focus is always to maximize efficiency and reduce distractions. This is by providing a comfortable environment for employees to sit and work. For instance, an open area where people can walk, sit and hang out for discussion has become a growing trend for new businesses in this industry.

What Does Agile Office Design Mean For InvoZone?

Here, everything is done to focus on increasing leadership and upscaling management. A well-lit atmosphere in a peaceful location and spaces where people can interact promotes functionality and teamwork. The key element for office design here is our agile methodology; where the environment and people are open to changes, and there is a constant feedback loop.

The agile methodology aims to deliver one’s business value, regardless of the discussion if on office design. The methodology talks about constant changes and a progressive feedback loop. An office space which follows such a methodology is no different. The interior is adjusted to the emotional needs of the people, and feedback through interaction is not just appreciated but valued.

How Do We Cater To This Methodology?

When choosing office locations, there are some factors that were kept in mind. Natural sunlight and windows, open/enjoyable environment within the office, and sources of a creative boost. A workplace with a mixture of natural and artificial light increases the efficiency of the workforce by 15%. The windows in our Lahore office do their jobs, and for anyone who wants more, a public park with greenery and open-air is available right across the street. This takes us to other factors: the open/enjoyable area.

More and more offices are trying to create non-formal office spaces where employees can work in silence. They are reducing employees’ distractions and restrictions from the desk while still letting them connect. InvoZone welcomes recreational activities here, boosting office place morale and promoting the need to work even harder. A standard workstation design is the one that fits the needs of every employee. Presence of fairly ergonomic height adjustable chairs with desks that are set to standard height and width is how we take care of little things that matter the most. While the greenery of the nearby park is only accessible on certain times of an individual’s day, the indoor plants and greens soothe the mind, putting people at ease.

What Else To Do?

The best agile office design is the one that takes into account the input of the people who work on average 45 hours a week. Upon a general interaction, some may suggest wall art and hangings while others will talk about light music system. A few might even suggest unlimited coffee and even a vending machine for snacks. As trivial as these suggestions might sound, a flexible work environment is a place best fit for employees. Increasing creativity for a software company and providing satisfaction three times more than others.